Whitaker Point and Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas

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One of the classic scenic icons in Arkansas, Whitaker Point (also called Hawksbill Crag) is a  3 mile round trip hike in the heart of the Buffalo River area. The drive here was super fun , we spotted some elk!


The trail starts at a little dirt road and it heads straight up to Cave Mountain.

Feeling super proud of finishing the climb!

This is not the easiest of hikes (I suggest carrying couple of water bottles and maybe some protein bars), but it is easily one of the most breathtaking of views, especially at sunrise.

I mean, look at this. That’s us, the little pixel people seated atop its lofty perch.


Another must visit in Arkansas, the Petit Jean State Park; its boasts a 95 foot Cedar Falls, miles of trails and scenic viewpoints. We took the Cedar Falls trail, a moderately difficult 2 mile round trip hike. The trail is adorned by massive stone boulders and large trees, and leads to Cedar Falls, the tallest continuously falling waterfall in the state.

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This trip was just a treat to the mind, body and soul.

Whenever I fly to Arkansas, this conversation almost always takes place with someone at security.

Security Person: Ma’am where are we flying today?

Me: Little Rock, Arkansas.

S.P: Arkansas? (read in tone of incredulity) wow, what are you even going to do there?

Me: ….

It’s assumed that these less popular states have nothing interesting to offer, but I’ve been lucky enough to discover amazing and breathtaking views. Now, I make it a point to look into off-beat and lesser known places to visit. Skip the top 10 list in TripAdvisor. Find forums where locals discuss favorite spots, or even better, find a local and talk to them! I promise, you’ll end up finding something absolutely delightful



16 Replies to “Whitaker Point and Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas”

  1. Really surprised about the elk. They are not native to Arkansas and would have to have been stocked o the park. I am from Arkansas and the other thing in the park that is great is Winthrop Rockefeller’s auto museum. Largest in the world and worth millions of dollars.

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  2. Very cool. I have not been to Arkansas (one of the few states I have not travelled to!) but feel inspired to visit now. I love the photos and the cliff would be tempting to jump, but I bet it is way to high for a fun base jump!


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