Second highest waterfalls in the USofA. Most visited recreational site in the Pacific Northwest, with almost 2 million people visiting each year. I tell you these facts because if, like me, you did not know beforehand how busy this place can get, you will plan a trip on a long weekend and then spend an hour and a half trying to find a parking spot because the rest of the world decided to drop by at the same time too.

P.S Totally worth it. But if you can, go at a less popular time of the year so you can actually take in all the beauty without people elbowing you to keep moving forward, and get pictures without people photobombing accidentally.

Do yourself a favor, and take the ultra Scenic Loop drive to get here. You’ll see breathtaking views of Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood (if you haven’t already read my post on these two amazes, read them here.), andย several other waterfalls.

IMG_1615 copy

The falls is a 3 mile round trip hike to the top of the falls. It leads through the Benson Bridge, which is a great viewing point for those who don’t want to hike up. Standing on the bridge, tilting your head up to take in its entirety, one can really feel the mind boggling perspective on the sheer magnitude of Multnomah Falls.

Intersting titbit I learnt at the Visitors Centre – Native American folklore goes to say that the falls was created to win the heart of a princess who wanted a private and hidden place to bathe.

*waits patiently for own personal waterfall*

Cold cold water all the way!

Anyway, The hike itself is a steep one, rising to 600ft of elevation very quickly. It leads to the mouth of the falls, an awesomely refreshing albeit cold stream you can dip your legs into. There is a small alcove area to view the falls dropping down, but it was so busy we could hardly stand there for a few minutes.

View of the falls dropping down
Mouth of the falls

Rainwater, underground springs and snow melt make sure this falls stays alive and active all through the year, ensuring spectacular views through all the seasons.

So, until someone gets me my own personal waterfall, I’ll just be sitting here dipping my legs in the refreshing stream, feeling the exhilarating spray of falls water.

IMG_1764 2
I wait.ย 

Stay tuned for more spectacular trips, and thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚


21 Replies to “Multnomah Falls, Oregon”

  1. This one I can visit soon! Going to portland next weekend. Is it advisable to visit the falls in the current weather? If yes I will plan a visit! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Lovely waterfalls. I enjoy such treks to the falls and usually these are some of the most scenic ones. I had a similar experience in Sindang Gile, Lombok (Indonesia). Highliy recommend to you if you are into such treks. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Second-highest waterfall in the US, and I’ve never heard of it, how sad. I love the one photo of the view from the top, dropping down. That’s always my favourite vantage point.


  4. What a nice waterfall, I bet the views from that little bridge are amazing! Every time I read about Oregon the nature looks absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to visit one day!


  5. I love waterfalls! They are such a beautiful part of nature. They are extra special when they can be experienced with putting feet in the water and getting up close and personal. I have yet to get to Oregon, but would love to see this!


  6. Waterfalls are one of my favorite site to visit. I got to enjoy my relaxation, listen to the nature’s music, breathing fresh air, etc.. ahh such a wonderful feeling that city can’t give me.


  7. I would love to do the hike up to that beautiful bridge and then further up, to the top of the waterfall. I don’t blame you for wanting to just enjoy the view and dip your feet into the cold stream.


  8. Waterfalls and always scenic and mesmerising! I hadn’t heard of this legendary place until your beautiful post! Thanks for sharing with us. Definitely planning on this on my next trip to the States!


  9. Awesome pictures and write-up. Sounds like the hike is the perfect amount – you have to work a little bit right before deserving the reward, right? ๐Ÿ˜› I wish I would’ve read this before my past trip to Oregon!


  10. love the way you tell about this place. Itโ€™s amazing information the places with wonderful pics. Iโ€™ve never gone there before. Noted it!


  11. You are right…not many talk of the 2nd highest waterfall. In fact this is the first post that I have seen with a few details. They look nice in the pictures and I like that fact that you can dip your feet here. Waterfalls are so much fun when that is allowed.


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