Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, Washington

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This one is on my surreal list and I’d been waiting a year to go here since I missed the season last year. Visitors come in hoards to see these gorgeous flowers in bloom, usually between April 1st and 30th. It’s even been compared to being a mini version of the famous Amsterdam tulip festivals.

We visited in the beginning of April – it was a nice sunny and breezy day, and Skagit Valley is roughly an hour long drive from Seattle. The winter this year was long and harsh, because of which the tulips aren’t at full bloom just yet. Their site is constantly updated with the bloom cycle, so be sure to give it a glance before heading.


It was still a pretty gorgeous sight, strolling along rows of tulips blooming in various colors. The festival is designed to be a tour – you start at the visitors center to pick up maps of various sites of blooming tulips and daffodils, and then hit as many spots as you want to! Some of them have fairs going on inside with various crafts, and some let you park your car at the side of the road while you take a walk among the flowers.

Color explosion

We visited Tulip town, and then drove past Roozengaarde before heading back home. It was a super relaxing and colorful afternoon, people were out flying kites close by and it just set the scene like it was out of a movie.


How quaint is this scene! 
Kai Po Che! (an indian war cry during a kite fight)

Im still learning how to properly use my camera, and this was a good opportunity to practice those skills! All in all, it was a gorgeous day out without rain in Washington, and really set the mood for summer to come I think 🙂



Until the next destination, here is to a wonderful summer. As always, thanks for checking this out 🙂


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  1. Awesome bloom of Tulips. I am already mesmerized by your pictures and they have freshened me and my mind. What an incredible colorful view it will be in real? Thanks for sharing. It is beautiful and a must visit too.


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