We booked a cute little BnB in the last minute, and headed to Columbia Gorge and Mt. hood for a three day weekend. It turned out to be a very peaceful couple of days, the BnB (called Brookside Inn) was very quaint and spacious, with its own garden, swings and hammock in the patio.

The drive to the Inn was absolutely beautiful – Washington and Oregon have some of the most beautiful views I have had the fortune of coming across!

IMG_2735 2.JPG
Gorgeous blue skies and bluer water stretching for miles!

The gorge stretches for 40 miles, and encapsulated within it are a galore of waterfalls – Multnomah, Bridal Veils, Ponytail, and a dozen others.


This is just one of the many tiny falls you can see by the side of the road while driving to Hood River, making it a very pleasant drive full of surprises!

A pixelated view of Bridal Veil falls!


We did the lower falls Trail that starts at the Gorge Visitor centre (separate post on that later!) and then headed to Mt Hood.

Hood is just a 15 minute drive from the Gorge Visitor Centre, but the mountain view follows you around everywhere. Mt. Hood has a very unique, snowcapped shape that makes it recognizable anywhere!

IMG_2734 2


We drove up to Timberline Lodge (the place where The Shining movie is based on) and took a winch ride up to the base of Mt Hood. This is also where the ski lift operates during ski season. We did see a couple of people already starting to ski down the snow capped peaks.


Trillium Lake peeks from within.

We caught some breathtaking views of the rest of the mountain range from the base at Mt Hood, with Trillium Lake (post on this also, later) nestled in between. The whole panorama made me feel so little and insignificant in this great, big world; but like in a nice way!

My travels always make me feel like everything else in life pales compared to what nature has to offer.

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