A hidden gem in the interior of Historic Columbia River Highway, this is a very unique 1.5 mile round trip hike. Whereas hikes are usually along a river/shoreline, the trail for Oneonta Gorge is the river itself. Thats right, be prepared to climb above and under massive tree trunks, and then go shoulder deep into freezing gorge water to reach the absolutely stunning waterfall at the end of the gorge.


Words cannot explain what our eyes captured and our souls felt on this eventful day. It was  the feeling in my half numb toes, the wind from the force of the waterfall in my hair, the fine spray of clearwater on my face. The sounds of people squealing as they entered the freezing water, and those voices being drowned by the thundering sounds as we approached the waterfall. The silence and awe in the air when we reached the end of the gorge and the canopy of water welcomed us.

Although a hidden gem, its pretty popular with the locals and can be quite busy over the weekends. This one was on a Monday 🙂


This one will always hold a special place in my tiny little world.

20 Replies to “Oneonta Gorge, Oregon”

  1. This should be an amazing place: this is the impression I had by looking at your pictures and reading your post. Must be very popular considring how many people are visiting the place!


  2. Hike through the gorge definitely sounds tough but who would not want to take that trouble when something so gorgeous and wonderful is awaiting you at the end of that strenuous journey. Beautiful pictures!


  3. I love how you describe your hike – reminds me of when I hiked through many of the trails of Oregon and Washington. What a cool find, and so worth the effort of getting there!


  4. This is a beautiful place. I must say being a monday, the crowd was still quite big. Is it usual to have such crowds on weekdays ? Or maybe this crowd is solely of the tourists and less of the locals?


  5. This is the second post about Oregon that I read this week, and you’re convincing me quite fast that I need to visit soon! 🙂
    Such an incredible nature and landscape, that waterfall looks just amazing!


  6. I love your descriptive writing! It was like I almost felt that wind and water on my face! Thank you for discovering this hidden gem, it looks so beautiful. I totally understand your feelings and excitement. I also hiked to find a similar waterfall in February.


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