Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn, Oregon

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Also called Gateway to the Underworld. I was like, finally, a non-stop trip to where I came from!

This has been on my surreal list for a while, and it took me three months after I moved to Washington to make this trip happen. I was totally blown away by the sheer force and power of nature you can witness here.


Thor’s Well is basically a seemingly bottomless pit (its actually like 20ft deep) sitting at the edge of the Oregon coast. Its like a sinkhole thats drinking all the seawater rushing around it. And then spits it out 20ft into the air. The best times to actually see the phenomenon is an hour before and after high tide. It can be quite dangerous to stand at the edge of the well, especially if conditions are a bit rough. We did see a lot of avid photographers risking it to get that perfect shot of Thor’s Well. The visitors center had helpfully put up the tide schedule, which is also available online, to plan your trip.

We took the Captain Cook Trail (named after the person who named Cape Perpetua Scenic Area) and walked down the paved trail to the tide pools. It’s a pretty easy hike, mostly flat and rocky.

Spouting Horn is another phenomenon that can be seen on these tide pools. It is a saltwater “fountain” that spouts water into the air. You need to be really lucky to see it put up a magnificent show, but what is intriguing is the loud hissing sound it makes when the water gushes upward. If conditions are right, it can be quite dangerous to stand at the edge of the tidepools – ocean water can rocket to amazing heights.

Both Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn can be viewed at a safe distance, from the Cooks Chasm viewpoint. It is on a bridge, off the 101 highway and has some spectacular views, especially at sunset. We hiked the tide pool trails in the morning and then drove up to the highest point of Cape Perpetua, a viewpoint 800 feet above all the magic happening down at the tidepools. The view is not too shabby at all. 😉

We drove back to catch the sunset at Cooks Chasm. And boy, it was awe-inducing.

This trip was just amazing. Such spectacular natural wonders really feeds my gypsy soul, that just wants to keep wandering to different corners of the world!

Lets see where my travels take me next!

21 Replies to “Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn, Oregon”

  1. I had read about the Well before but I never had the opportunity to see pictures of it. They are impressive. Instead, I had never heard about the Spouting Horn. Such an interesting read. Thanks for sharing


  2. The pouting Horn must be an interesting watch in a video if captured well. But then they are unpredictable. The first picture has writing on it so the spitting part isn’t quite clear.


  3. The well is quite impressive and it’s stunning to know that it’s the nature’s creation. I don’t understand thought why people would risk their lives for a photo, when you can get such amazing views from the safe path too.


  4. A sinkhole sounds scary and I would never risk walking around it. The gushing of water currents looks powerful too reminds of the Rhine falls in Switzerland. We were astonished by the sheer intensity of the rushing Rhine waterfall.


  5. The landscapes are breathtaking! I’d dream to go to such an area. The rainbow on the picture make it looks like there is real magic in this place!


  6. I like your photo. but I think place spouts water into the air very dangerous, we could be dragged out to sea and drowned missing. But actually view like this are very rare. I saw a rainbow there, it was amazing


  7. That amazing refraction of light to form a rainbow just above the rocks and water is a masterful shot in itself. I very much loved admiring the images you captured of Thor’s well. Fantastic post!


  8. Oregon has such magnificent places to offer! I was not aware of the existence of Thor’s well before. If I did, I would definitely have visited while I traveled on the west coast! I will put it on my bucket list for next time!


  9. Oh wow, that well is quite impressive, sometimes it’s hard to believe that these formations were created by nature! You did a great job capturing that rainbow by the way, the photo looks amazing!


  10. Oregon is beautiful. It was named one of the top places to go in 2017 and I can see why! I think the sunset is breathtaking and just as you say “inducing.” Rainbows always bring a smile to my face as I believe it is a sign God is watching. What a blessed place.


  11. I’ve often heard of the beauty of Oregon and this just adds to the list of sights to see there. I’m guessing a camera with a good zoom is an essential for those who wish to stay at a safe distance!


  12. The wonders of nature… The spouting hole seems so unbelievable. I would love to see the real thing… It’s like how a kid locks the water in his mouth and then spits it out. You gave captured it well though your pics and words.


  13. Nature is full of wonders, there are natural facts and beauty which are still hidden to human. In this vast world of secrets which is yet to be explored, Spouting Horns and Thor’s well are two of the amazing creations. Before reading your post I didn’t know about such places, thanks for sharing.


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