This is a 4 mile round trip moderately easy forest walking hike. The waterfalls show up around 2 miles into the hike, but the sounds of the creek keep you company throughout.


There is a wide pool of crystal clear water around 0.5 miles into the hike – one can lounge around the many smooth rocks around the water or even take a refreshing, albeit cold, dip in the stream.

The still calmness of the water is almost therapeutic!

There are several points throughout the hike where one can scramble through hedges and tree trunks to reach the creek bed, although the water remains icy cold even through the summer.

We reached the edge of the cliff, where the waterfall welcomed us, surrounded by a very refreshing mist of clean and cool water.

We climbed down to the foot of the waterfall and found a relatively dry spot on the rocks to sit and gaze at this wonder after our strenuous hike!

After, we drove to Trillium Lake – it was one of those sunny days, with blue skies stretching forever and the lake reflecting that beauty. Mt Hood can be seen in all its glory, and the multiple boardwalks around the lake makes it a very picturesque and popular location!


I definitely want to go back to this spot at some time with my easel and paints, and try and capture this view on a canvas. Its also an awesome spot to have a picnic, laze around the water in one of those tubes and watch life pass by! Trillium has abundant activities, including swimming, boating and canoeing; as well as a campground.



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